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PS2 Gets Another Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

Leave it up to Koei to keep churning out the strategy/action titles. Today, the company has announced their latest historical strategy simulator, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI , will be available for the PS2 on February 6, 2007.

The game is based on a giant 120-chapter novel that tells the tale of the near collapse of China towards the end of the Han Dynasty. The player will be dropped directly in the middle of those tense events, and this time around, the cut-scenes will have art style indicative of Chinese ink paintings.

As you are in charge of an entire kingdom, the player must manage his territories and regions by governing cities, managing personnel, and practicing the good art of diplomacy. As you level your effective rule on the citizens, you will develop markets, shipyards, outposts, forts, military units, and just about anything else a kingdom might need. Finally, the game sports 10 pre-existing scenarios and 8 unique challenges, along with an intriguing "Create-An-Officer" mode. The latter mode features 24 fully customizable character attributes. And for the very first time in the franchise, you'll be able to choose between either English or Chinese voiceovers.

With added multiplayer capability for up to eight players, all history and strat/action fans should be on the lookout for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI next year.

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