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Phantasy Star Set To Shine On PS2

RPG fans, start your engines.

According to the latest Famitsu issue, Sega plans to provide old-school fanatics with a Phantasy Star compilation for the PS2. Set for a Winter Japanese release and entitled Sega Ages 2500 , the game will feature the first four Phantasy Star s in all their old-fashioned role-playing glory.

That's four classics in one package; Sega had already released Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II as separate titles in their Sega Ages collection, but with enhanced graphics and sound. As of yet, there is no information concerning the status of this recently announced compilation, so we don't know if they'll be original copies or remakes.

Sega also plans to release Fantasy Zone II DX as another part of the series, but we have no release date or other details at this time. As with all Sega Ages titles, however, all of these will be limited to Japanese availability.

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