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DDR’s Latest Dances Into Stores

The original was a phenomenon in the gaming world (and spawned a few non-gaming-related news articles), and Konami just keeps running with the franchise's established success.

The latest, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA for the PS2, hit stores nationwide today. Get ready to dance your little heart out, because this one features over 70 tracks, more than any other DDR. Including songs from Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy, David Bowie, and The Crystal Method, fans are also getting possibly the most diverse DDR to date. SuperNOVA will also boast exclusive online tracks as well as a few other songs unavailable in the arcade version.

Konami has done some work upgrading the gameplay options as well, as the newest dancing software sensation sports an expanded Tutorial, brand new Battle Mode, Workout Mode is back (that's right, you heard me), and online play supported by the EyeToy. So if you want to get your groove on without risking some heckling from those who actually know how to dance, go pick up Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNOVA .

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