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Sega Bringing Back A Few Classics

The Sega Ages series seems dedicated to resurrecting the Golden Age of gaming, and their most recent additions are no exception to the rule.

North American PS2 owners will likely have to import the titles, but these might be worth the effort. Sega is bringing back a compilation of Monster World and a revamped version of the original Virtual On for old-school gaming fans. The Monster World compilation will feature the first four games in the series, as well as recognizable classics like Monster Lair and Wonder Boy .

After the collection, they'll release Dennou Senki Virtual On , a game that was never faithfully recreated outside the arcades. And because we're talking about Sega Ages here, consumers can expect the usual assortment of extras, including mini-collectibles, artwork galleries, and interviews with the game crew.

But as is so often the case with these things, U.S. fans are gonna be forced to go Japanese to play the arcade gems.

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