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Finally: Another Mana

Secret of Mana is one of the most fondly remembered RPGs of the 16-bit era, and the PS1 gave us the very unique Legend of Mana , although it was hardly a direct sequel. Now, Tokyo Game Show attendees will finally get a chance to play a bit of Dawn of Mana , the latest action/RPG to cause a stir on the PS2.

According to a recent Famitsu article, this one is destined to turn some heads thanks to a few uber-artistic and ultra-original ideas. The first intriguing bit of info centers on the "Mono System," which allows the main character, Eldy, to grab several items of interest in his environment (in Japanese, "mono" simply means "stuff" or "things"). Thanks to the heralded Havoc engine, everything in the field – from barrels to trees to grass to water – has the appropriate size, weight, and dimiensions. Therefore, Eldy's interaction with each item will depend somewhat on realistic physics.

And keeping with the Mana legend, you'll be wielding the Tree Sword, which is essentially a whip-like weapon comprised of vines. This multi-faceted weapon lets you grab "Mono" laying around the field and fling it at enemies. You'll even be able to latch on to the enemies themselves, but if it's a large foe, you might get dragged in and smacked. And of course, your trusty sword-au-natural will do some decent damage on its own.

Thanks to Dawn of Mana 's imminent showing at TGS, info for this anticipated title is liberally flowing from sources, so expect a full-fledged preview before long.

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