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Seaman 2…Not Of The Sea?

Well, there was a lot of hoopla and hype cocnerning a sequel to one of the most original games in history, and now we've got some concrete details.

The premise of interacting with a virtual pet (of sorts) remains the same, but this time around, the "Seaman" is actually going to be a cave man. Or more specifically, a miniature version of a Neanderthal, which is actually a large part of the game's story. Evidently, some corporation located the bones of these "mini-men" in China, and are now mass producing them as pets. They've only managed 3,000, but you, you lucky player you, are the proud owner of an ancient, tiny, cave-dwelling homo sapien.

Of course, you'll be able to converse with your pet and issue commands and perhaps just suggestions. Although Sega hasn't revealed any further information, Seaman fans should expect a similar experience…only your "pet" isn't a fish. Perhaps they've forgotten the title of the game…? Well, either way, Seaman 2 is scheduled for a Winter Japan release, and will be sold both individually and packaged with the Sea Mic microphone.

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