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Dragon Quest VIII Drops

It may hold absolute rule over the market in Japan, but it seems Dragon Quest still hasn't quite caught on over here. The original Dragon Quest probably still holds the most sales if you count the free copies Nintendo Power offered to anyone renewing their subscription.

Countless clearances and sales have offered discounts on last year's Dragon Quest VIII – a finely-crafted RPG by all accounts – but it appears that an official price drop has finally been announced. The game is now down to $19.99 at EBGames/Gamestop/Best Buy. If three of the biggest video game retailers are dropping it, others are surely to follow.

If you like RPGs at all and still haven't give Dragon Quest VIII a chance, don't let an opportunity like this slip through your fingers! Old-school battle system aside (which some people might initially find tedious), it's length and beauty more than justify even the original retail price.

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