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NCAA Football 07 Touches Down

Get your fill of College Football before the season even begins with NCAA 07, which may be in stores as early as today.

The yearly update features most of the usual tweaks you'd expect to find in a sports game, but that doesn't mean the game lacks fresh features. In fact, there are quite a few. A new momentum system will help keep your team on track, giving you an advantage when they make big plays, while Student Athelete mode tasks you with maintaining a good balance between the books and the field. Improve your player's abilities by acutely managing his time and intelligence.

Even more impressive is the ESPN integration, where you can get real-time updates on your Dynasty mode team from ESPN Radio and

The PSP version of NCAA 07 comes with most of these features, in addition to Mascot Madness, which has your favorite school icons taking the field.

College Football is all about school pride, so if you manage to pick up the game and aren't happy with the cover, EBGames is giving you downloadable print-outs to place over the original.

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