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Louisiana Game Bill Fails In Court

Mid-term elections tend to resurrect age-old issues that hardly ever get resolved, but nonetheless tickle the fancy of a politician's base. How better to maintain voters than to solve all their child's behavior problems by attempting to pass the blame on video games or some other victimized medium?

We reported on a Louisiana bill which recently passed through the state's House of Representatives and Senate, but it's since been struck down by the courts just like all similar bills before it. It purported to block sales of violent video games to minors despite a reliable ratings system in place. Putting the onus on retailers and the industry instead of careful instruction from parents doesn't seem to fly with U.S. District Judge James Brady, who placed a restraining order on the bill pending judicial review.

A hearing for a more permanent block will be held on June 27th and though the proponents of the bill seem confident in their approach, it is not expected to stand up under the scrutiny of the court.

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