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Level 5 Working on New RPG

Sources say that Japanese developer Level 5 is working on a new RPG, but the platform is currently unknown. What

know is that it will be part of an RPG sub-genre. Whether that means it's action, strategy, massively multiplater, or otherwise, company president Akihiro Hino says that it will be "a really cult game" for fans of the genre. Some people

speculating that it may be Dark Cloud 3 for either the PS2/PS3 or a spinoff for the Playstation Portable.

Level 5 started its rise to the top with the original Dark Cloud for the Playstation 2, eventually taking the reigns of Japan's most hallowed RPG franchise, Dragon Quest, with the eighth title in the main series. It's most recent original work, Rogue Galaxy should appear in the US later this year. Any way you slice it, the company has certainly made a name for itself in a very short time.

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