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Destroy All Humans! Attains Greatness

Word from THQ that its sci-fi action game, Destroy All Humans!, has been added to Sony's "Greatest Hits" collection and will now carry a $19.99 suggested retail price.

This announcement marks yet another milestone for Destroy All Humans!, following recent announcements of the game's nationwide soundtrack release by Lakeshore Records and an agreement made between THQ and United Talent Agency to exploit the property for possible feature films.

Developed by Pandemic Studios, THQ's Destroy All Humans! allows players to be the alien and unleash massive destruction on mankind. As the alien clone — Crypto 137 sent to infiltrate earth — players explore a variety of open world game environments as they take on earth's legions of soldiers, beat cops and G-Men. Packed with non-stop saucer flying, vaporizing and terrorizing action, players can wreak havoc on the ground and in the air.

Feel free to click here to read the PSX Extreme review of Destroy All Humans!.

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