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European Site Makes Bold Claims, Sony Stays Quiet

Gran Turismo 4: Online coming to PlayStation 2 this summer?

God of War sequel coming to the PS2, and not the PlayStation 3, in 2007?

Although not previously announced by Sony, those were the statements exclaimed on the website today. According to Eurogamer, the dates and details were supposedly taken from leaked Sony Computer Entertainment Europe marketing documents.

Certainly, the possibilities, while delicious, seem outlandish. Polyphony Digital is working on the PSP version of Gran Turismo and hasn't said a peep about a new PS2 game. Meanwhile, Sony has been tight-lipped about a potential God of War sequel, only hinting that it could ship alongside the next-generation PlayStation 3 console whenever it materializes. For his part, God of War creator, David Jaffe, is currently working on an as-yet unnamed title for the PSP handheld, which will be unveiled at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in May.

When we contacted our sources within Sony, they noted that they don't comment on speculation, and noted that neither game title was listed on any of their marketing schedules. Curiously, the two stories were pulled from the Eurogamer site this afternoon, replaced by a notice stating " The information that previously appeared here has been removed under the threat of legal action from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe ."

In any case, we wanted to bring the situation to our readers' attention, in order to point out the facts and remind everybody that it's a bad idea to jump to conclusions based on the scurrilous findings of a modest website located in the video game industry equivalent of the boonies.

Still, that threat of legal action is mighty suspicious… isn't it?

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