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Monster Hunter Selling Like Gangbusters in Japan

So says a new Capcom press release:

"Capcom's latest chapters into the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Portable and Monster Hunter 2 (Dos), have shipped a combined total of over 1 million units! -Monster Hunter 2 sets series record, shipping 500,000 units within 2 days of release-

Capcom is pleased to announce that Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) for the PlayStation® 2 (PS2) system has reached 500,000 units shipped as of February 17, 2006; within 2 days of its February 16, 2006 Japanese release. Combined with Monster Hunter Portable for the PlayStation® Portable (PSP™) system, the latest installments in the Monster Hunter series have shipped over 1,000,000 units in Japan.

In the Monster Hunter series, the player becomes a hunter roaming a vast wildness in search of incredibly strong, powerful monsters. This Hunting Action game series, with its depth and breath-taking graphics, has garnered strong word of mouth as a game that even those unfamiliar with Hunting Action games can enjoy to the fullest. The first game in the series, Monster Hunter for PS2, breathed new life into the action genre with its originality, eventually garnering the coveted Most Distinguished Game award at the GAME AWARDS 2002-2003. Furthermore, Monster Hunter Portable, released end of last year for the PSP™, has also surpassed the 500,000 units shipped mark, becoming a key hit title in driving PSP™ sales in Japan.

As the latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) does not simply add new weapons, armor, and hunter's awards; it also introduces players to day and night in the game world, breeding season, and climate changes. By introducing these concepts of season and time, players can enjoy an unprecedented variety of hunting situations. The new powerful monsters lurking in the swamps and snow covered mountains that make up part of the harsh lands of the hunting "field" are eager to greet the latest group of would-be hunters! Also, by connecting via USB to a PSP™ with Monster Hunter Portable, players can enjoy a number of new elements in the game!"

Sadly, the original Monster Hunter only sold around 80-100k in the US. Despite it's Phantsy Star Online-like addictiveness, the awkward controls and demanding online element likely turned away many gamers. It is currently unknown whether or not Monster Hunter 2 will be appearing on our shores, but the PSP version, Monster Hunter Freedom, should be available in just a few short months.

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