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MLB 2K6 Includes World Baseball Classic

Fans that are looking forward to watching the World Baseball Classic in March will be able to re-live the event on their PlayStation 2's.

2K Sports today announced that the World Baseball Classic will be featured exclusively in Major League Baseball 2K6.

The World Baseball Classic is a 16-nation tournament featuring the world's best players competing for their home countries or territories. The tournament will begin March 3, 2006 and continue through March 20, 2006.

In the game, fans will be able to pick any of 16 world teams and play through the tournament in replicas of the official venues, located in Phoenix Arizona, Scottsdale Arizona, Tokyo Japan (Tokyo Dome), Orlando Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico (Hiram-Bithron), Anaheim California (Angels Stadium), and San Diego California (PETCO).

"International baseball brings a fresh new take on the sport as players from across the world compete for their home country," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. "This new baseball experience will be brought to life for gamers to enjoy only in Major League Baseball 2K6."

Even Derek Jeter seems excited. "It's an honor to represent Team USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic," said Jeter, All Star shortstop for the New York Yankees, Team USA member of the World Baseball Classic, and cover athlete for Major League Baseball 2K6. "I'm excited to promote international baseball and it's terrific that gamers who pick up Major League Baseball 2K6 will be able to experience the same excitement of the World Baseball Classic."

Major League Baseball 2K6 will ship for the PlayStation 2, and other consoles, on March 6th.

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