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Metal Gear Subsistence’s Mythical 3rd Disc Appears

The Japanese are used to getting the whole package and more with special edition releases of their favorite games. While some of these bonuses occasionally make their way over to the US, none has been sought after so feverishly in recent times as Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsitence's 3rd disc. Filled with several interviews featuring creator Hideo Kojima's thoughts on his most famous franchise and a 30-minute mini-documentary on the history of Metal Gear's narrative, it "completed" the package, so to speak.

Well, we won't quite be getting it in the same form, but Konami announced yesterday that they plan to offer it as a pre-order bonus entitled the "Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 DVD." It'll still come in a nice, foil-stamped package featuring series artist Yoji Shinikawa's glorious artwork. So gamers can finally stop sweating over whether or not they'll get the additional content in the US. The pre-order bonus will be available for those who make the money-down leap in mid-February.

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