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Mega64 Rolls Out A New Katamari Video

Rocco, Derek, and Shawn, the comedy trio that makes up

have released a snippet of their new video parodying the hit game Katamari Damacy, in which your objective is to run around increasingly large environments rolling up just about everything with your ball.

The video can be found at the link cited above (in WMV, PSP, and iPod Video formats) and the full version will be included in the upcoming DVD release of Mega64 v2 slated to hit at an undetermined time within the next few months. If you haven't checked out their other work yet, various other clips and commercials they have done for such companies as UbiSoft are also available in their media section.

It wouldn't hurt to buy the DVD of the first season if you like what you see, either. Mega 64 v1 can be found here for the low, low price of $16.95!

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