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E3 2005: Bandai Shows Off Fighting Games

If you love the Japanese cartoon shows that are airing on TV right now, and you also love fighting games, then Bandai has got

the summer video game line-up you've been hoping for.

Here at E3, the company has four 3D fighting games on display. Gundam fans can expect Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Vs. Zeta

Gundam this July. In August, they've got a very Soul Calibur-esque fighter coming out for the Inuyasha franchise. Fans of the

One Piece saga will want to look out for One Piece: Grand Battle in September. Last, but not least, those of you that have

jumped on the bandwagon for Toonami's Zatch Bell! can look forward to a "Tekken-y" fighting game coming out for that series

in October.

So, to recap:

July – Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam
August – Inuyasha
September – One Piece: Grand Battle
October – Zatch Bell!

We have screenshots of all of these games in our screenshots

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