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E3 2005: The Ubisoft Report

At E3 in Los Angeles, Ubisoft is showcasing four new PlayStation 2 titles, including another chapter in the


mixes urban influence with racing and car combat for what looks to be a pretty intense experience. Ubisoft has lined up some Hollywood talent to help tell the story of Buck, who’s looking to live the “thug life”—fast cars, hot women, and tons of cash—but life is never that easy and Buck finds himself dealing with a group of rough riders in a battle of control. Players will be able to “pimp out” their rides and outfit them for combat with pistols, shotguns, and more.

’s Larenz Tate will portray Buck, while

’s Noel Gugliemi will play the role of Cortez, Buck’s foil. Look for this game later this summer.

Staying with the urban theme,

is due towards the end of the year and will feature streetball icons like Hot Sauce, The Professor, and AO to compete against. Just like you’ve probably seen on ESPN, players will be able to attempt to earn their way onto the

MixTape Team, creating their own ankle-breaking moves and scoring at will. Developer Black Ops is touting something called

, which is said to give players “fluid and precise command over every offensive and defensive move.” The game will be online-ready and promises loads of customization.

comes to the PlayStation 2 this summer, after originally only being available on PC. Officially endorsed and partially designed by the United States Army, this game will present authentic and non-linear squad-based gameplay. Players will be able to customize their in-game characters, including taking him through a career that involves gaining experience, improving skills, and eventually commanding a squad in battle.

Finally, Ubisoft will be releasing

in November. It appears that the Prince just can’t avoid trouble for long, as his homeland falls victim to war and the Prince winds up captured. Kaileena, the Prince’s love interest, is forced to once again unleash the Sands of Time and Prince must battle enemies, environments… and even himself. Ubisoft Montreal is promising that players will be able to play as two distinctly different characters as they progress through the game, and they have expanded the Free-Form Fighting system, as well as new uses for the Sands of Time.

Look for media and impressions of these and many other games as we continue our E3 coverage.

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