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Street Fighter Commemorative Joystick Coming

Not to let Pelican steal the limelight, Nubytech (along with Capcom and Udon) have announced the release of a commemorative Street Fighter Competition Arcade Stick, scheduled to go on sale exclusively at EB Games on December 14, 2004.

This limited edition stick is made of thick particle board, has a plexiglass top, and is built using arcade quality components. The face features a HAPPS Competition joystick and eight convex buttons laid out parallel in Street Fighter style, and the whole thing is adorned with custom artwork by Udon Comics.

Similar to many recent arcade sticks, the Street Fighter Competition Arcade Stick has connectors for both the Xbox and PS2, and a memory unit / Xbox Live Communicator slot to support Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

Suggested retail on this bad boy is $59.99. EB Games is the only authorized distributor for the stick in North America, and it is already available for pre-order on their web site .

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