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Manhunt Sales Up in UK

Here's one from the morbid file…

London's Daily Mail newspaper is reporting that interest in and sales of Rockstar's ultra-violent Manhunt have skyrockted, likely due to the publicity and furor that erupted over the murder of 14-year old Stefan Pakeerah in February.

According to various reports, the 17-year old accused of stabbing Stefan to death was a big fan of the game. Also, it was revealed last week that Stefan was also in possession of the game.

A spokesman for HMV, one of the UK's biggest retail chains, told the Daily Mail that demand for the game has "significantly increased" and that the boost in sales is larglely due to the fact that "many think it's going to be banned."

PSX Extreme rated the game a 5.7 out of 10, and the Game Rankings average is 77%.

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