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Rentrak Top 10

Home Video Essentials (a division of Rentrak Corporation) has released a preliminary list of the top renting videogames for the week ending August 1, 2004.

1. Spider-Man 2 (PS2)
2. NCAA Football 2005 (PS2)
3. DRIV3R (PS2)
4. Spider-Man 2 (Xbox)
5. Red Dead Revolver (PS2)
6. DRIV3R (Xbox)
7. NCAA Football 2005 (Xbox)
8. Need for Speed: Underground (PS2)
9. Red Dead Revolver (Xbox)
10. Fight Night 2004 (PS2)

This looks like last week's list, except Fight Night 2004 has bumped the GameCube version of Spider-Man 2 out of the top 10.

Does anyone find it troubling that Need for Speed: Underground, a game that came out almost a year ago, is still in the top 10 of rentals ? Somewhere, someplace, some store is giving away free cookies with a rental of NFS: Underground. That has to be it.

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