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Final Fantasy VII Guide Reprinted

Brady Games has wonderful news for fans of the classic role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII. The company is reprinting its Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide (ISBN 1-56686-714-2). Starting next week, new copies will roll of the presses and start shipping to stores.

Pricing on the reprint stands at $15.99 in the United States, $19.99 in Canada, and £10.99 in the United Kingdom.

Brady will also reprint its Final Fantasy VIII Strategy Guide as well.

Both guides had been out-of-print for nearly five years, although copies have been available from eBay and other auction sites for reasonable prices.

As online retailer NCS is quick to point out, "the Brady Games version of the FFVII Guide isn't as highly sought after as the Versus Books edition, [but] it is nonetheless a helpful albeit incomplete chronicle of the FFVII adventure."

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