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Gravity Rush 2 Preview

Scheduled release date:
TBA 2016
SCE Japan Studio
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
TBA 2016

The original remains one of the very best titles ever released for PlayStation Vita, and it garnered plenty of fiercely loyal fans. Those fans were delighted to hear about the upcoming remastered version, coming our way this year, as well as the newly announced sequel . Gravity Rush 2 is slated to land on PlayStation 4 and Vita in North America some time in 2016, so the ultra-agile protagonist Kat is coming back for another wild adventure! Director Keiichiro Toyama is on record saying the art style is “dramatically more advanced,” which is a given considering it will come to Sony’s home console in addition to the handheld. And yes, they’ve been planning this project for a while; development began the instant the first game was out the door.

This is a true sequel, in that the story picks up after the events that unfolded in the first title. Kat isn’t the only returning character, either; her friend Raven returns as well and this time Raven will fight alongside Kat for an epic pairing of fast-paced assault. However, Raven will only participate when fighting particularly important battles, so it’s not like the developer has implemented a tandem gameplay mechanic for the entire game. The other important note is that we won’t be fighting in the same city; the action moves to a brand new location for the sequel and as you can see in the footage, it appears to be bigger and brighter. Kat may have to face down robots as well, which will test her skills to the max due to the robot’s apparently superior fighting ability. Damn robots always screw things up for everyone, you know?

But if you played the first game, you needn’t worry, because Kat is coming fully equipped with three gravity styles: The first, and most basic, style is similar to the original mechanic, while the Luna style makes Kat lighter and allows her to move a lot faster. Jupiter style has the opposite effect; our heroine becomes heavier and moves slower, but she’s capable of dealing a lot more direct damage when in this state. This is best reserved for the stronger enemies that require a lot of pounding to take down, and I like the flip side of the strategy coin. Basically, this means Luna style might work very well when facing opponents with fast, difficult attacks. And don’t forget that we’ll be able to manipulate the gravity of our environment and use it against our foes. Toss in those highly destructible backgrounds and this one’s gonna light up the screen!