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Star Wars: Battlefront Preview

Scheduled release date:
November 17, 2015
Electronic Arts
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
November 17, 2015

Perhaps it’s unfair to simply categorize a game like Star Wars: Battlefront as a first-person shooter. When one sees the “FPS” label, one makes certain assumptions, even if many of those assumptions are based on old-fashioned gameplay structures. Perhaps it makes more sense to simply call it an action game played from a first-person standpoint; typical FPSs don’t have you riding speeder bikes and zipping through the skies in a TIE Fighter. That’s just above and beyond the standard shooter realm, wouldn’t you say? But DICE has been doing this for a while, as those who love the Battlefield vehicles already know.

Now, the team takes a crack at the legendary “Star Wars” universe and the result will be Battlefront , which is now scheduled to arrive in November. Continuing in the “is this a FPS vein?,” let’s clarify: You don’t actually aim down the sights, as you so often do in the genre; rather, there’s just a reticule in the center of the screen. This should give the game a more classic Battlefront vibe, which PC players will undoubtedly appreciate. And don’t forget that you can change to a third-person view if you so choose, making this even more of a hybrid action-oriented production. However, I have the sneaking suspicion that those who play in first-person mode might fare better than those using third-person.

This production is hugely ambitious and honestly, it has a lot going for it. Where else can you pilot AT-STs and AT-ATs? Where else will you throw down in Walker Assault, where the iconic Walkers are at the forefront of the conflict? And did you know that Walker Assault will support up to 40 players? Other maps and modes won’t be able to accommodate that many players but even so, to have that option anywhere in the game is pretty impressive. Walker Assault isn’t just about one famous “Star Wars” vehicle; players can also jump into a TIE Fighter and engage in dogfights high above the hectic battlefield, and you can even call in Y-Wing bombers for airstrikes. It might be the only way to take down the damn AT-AT.