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Magicka 2 Preview

Scheduled release date:
May 26, 2015
Paradox Interactive
Pieces Interactive
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
May 26, 2015

If you’ve always enjoyed games akin to Guantlet or Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance , you know about Magicka . A ceaseless, challenging action/RPG that thrives on multiplayer, the IP will soon work its way to PlayStation 4. That’s when Magicka 2 launches, complete with heinous sudden deaths and countless spells-casts. It may be a more casual, fast-paced type of game, but it certainly doesn’t hold your hand. In fact, as the developers have said several times, Magicka 2 will require tact and diligence, despite its colorful, bouncy exterior. Friendly fire is very real, people.

You play as a wizard who has access to eight powerful elements. Anybody familiar with the role-playing genre can probably guess what they are; one minute, you’re slinging fireballs and the next, you’re sending lightning bolts toward charging foes. There is a twist to this straightforward formula, however: Not only can you channel these elements through your staff, but you can also imbue them onto your sword. Certain elements can be used in the form of an area attack as well, and others will offer beneficial spells for your character. The best part is that it won’t take long for all elements to become available, and experimenting with combinations is a big part of the experience.

Want to see what happens if you blend ice and water? Oh, you wouldn’t be too surprised to see a cascade of snowballs, would you? You can even fuse three elements for more complex – and more devastating – spell combos. The options appear to be endless with one obvious exception: You can’t combine opposite elements. In other words, fire and ice cancel each other out, as does lightning and water. Otherwise, you should be able to fiddle about to your heart’s content; who knows what you’ll stumble across? This isn’t just about unlocking more powerful spells as you progress. It’s about discovering more powerful spells.