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Citizens of Earth Preview

Scheduled release date:
January 2015
Eden Industries
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
January 2015

If you’re old enough, you remember Earthbound . Widely regarded as one of the industry’s first role-playing games, it remains a classic and much beloved title. And if you’re looking for what amounts to the spiritual successor, here it is: It’s an indie project from Eden Industries and it’s called Citizens of Earth . You play as the vice president of the world – an appropriately quirky beginning – and when you return to the town of your youth, you find it besieged by freaky creatures. They’ve appeared in the woods surrounding the town and as head honcho, it falls to you to deal with the problem.

You’ll recruit a variety of citizens, including the baker and schoolteacher, and they’ll assist you in your noble quest. Of course, being vice president of the entire damn world means the protagonist has quite the ego, so he orders everyone about with his obnoxious, toothy grin. The story is bound to be filled with plenty of loopy characters and comical plot twists, as it has a lighter, more tongue-in-cheek ambiance. This is a little different than Earthbound , which wasn’t particularly zany. Even so, Citizens of Earth is every bit a role-playing game, which should interest the old-school fanatics.

Each character has a unique skill set that can be used when adventuring, and you’ll have to experiment with various combinations. The other interesting twist is that because you’re basically recruiting tradesmen of all kinds, their day jobs will actually play a significant role in your progress. Leaving a character behind when you go exploring can be beneficial, as that character may produce something useful during your absence. In other words, each character brings something to the game both on and off the battlefield. The more you experiment, the stronger you’ll undoubtedly become.