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Dead Island 2 Preview

Scheduled release date:
Spring 2015
Deep Silver
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
Spring 2015

Tired of zombies yet? No? Then you’re in luck, because developer Yager and publisher Deep Silver are prepping another Dead Island effort and this time, the zombie quotient will be ramped up to ridiculous levels. We’re not only talking about the sheer number of ravaging undead you’ll have to face; we’re also talking about impressive next-gen detail and design. The interesting part is that while Techland created previous Dead Island entries, the Spec Ops: The Line developer has taken the reins for the upcoming sequel. How will they fare?

The anticipated follow-up is set in California and the zombies are running amok. They can be seen shambling along the picturesque seaside sidewalks, shuffling about in residential homes, and lolling by park benches. Locations will include San Francisco, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and parts of Los Angeles, and there’s an entirely different area they haven’t yet revealed. In short, this should be the most expansive Dead Island adventure yet, which means more variety and a more dynamic, customizable presentation. We’re hearing evidence that the overall world map is really big…

Okay, so zombies are zombies. They’ve been a staple of the video game industry for decades, so gamers have kinda seen it all. The good news is that Dead Island 2 will boast a variety of different zombie foes, ranging from the standard Walkers (which are really only dangerous if they gang up on you) to the more challenging Runners. Members of the latter group haven’t completely changed just yet, so they can still act and react very much like humans. Then there are the Suiciders, which are disgusting-looking creatures that explode when they get close enough, and the Thugs, which are immensely powerful and aggressive.