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Tom Clancy’s The Division Preview

Scheduled release date:
Ubisoft Massive
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
March 8, 2015

“Freedom” may be the central theme of the new generation. As developers create bigger and more elaborate worlds, the very definition of interactive freedom will be redefined. Ubisoft Massive is cranking away on an extremely ambitious project that may break boundaries in the world of online entertainment, and its engaging, post-apocalyptic atmosphere will impart a sense of urgency. Although the developer is hesitant to label this game an “MMO” (they’d prefer to call it a role-playing game), we’re going to compromise and call it both.

The government has dissipated and anarchy reigns. All around you are the remains of what was once a prosperous New York City. These remains should appear extraordinarily detailed and authentic thanks to the powerful new Snowdrop engine, and don’t forget that we’ll get the enhanced power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This third-person multiplayer-oriented shooter combines the concepts of raw survival and tactical combat into a really diverse package. Your task isn’t an easy one: You must attempt to locate as many survivors as possible, and see if you can restore some semblance of order amid the chaos. Uncertainty lies around every corner.

You can search for new objectives at any time by using a map on your nifty VR wristwatch. This will give you some direction in the sprawling, crumbling city, and you’re allowed to tackle anything you wish, any time you wish. The designers aren’t big on restrictions, because even though your character will progress through skill trees, you’re never locked into one particular avenue. You can reassign abilities at any time or even on the fly, and you can even custom-build classes if you so desire. In short, you needn’t sit in front of the screen for eons, attempting to make a difficult decision that will forever alter your character’s path. Remember— freedom .