PlayStation Home continues to get bigger and better; pretty soon, it'll be like Disney World: can't see it all in one visit!

They've detailed the latest home update over at the PlayStation Blog and as you can see, it's a big one. First and foremost, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the esteemed Wipeout franchise, they're launching the Wipeout Museum, loaded with all sorts of stuff based on the critically acclaimed titles. This includes games like the Team Logo Hunt, Wipeout 2D arcade cabinets, and even an interactive DJ area, which will let you blast your favorite slick tracks from the series. But it certainly doesn't end there. There's the new Observatory space, which should be open tomorrow for the PlayStation Minis event, which will let you play a game "of wits, memory and luck" on a special board featuring Minis images. While you're in the Observatory, you can check out the pool-like FreezeBall game, too, so there should be plenty to do in the next 24 hours.

If this doesn't interest you, perhaps you'll be interested to know about an outbreak of red scorpions in the Sodium Hub:

"Coming heat waves are predicted to cause numbers of red robotic scorpions in the Sodium Hub to swell! Experts predict numbers will reach their peak this weekend. Do your part to keep the Sodium Hub safe by donning your stomp boots and keeping the red scorpion menace at bay over the coming days. Remember, the more red scorpions you stomp the greater level of upgrade you’ll earn for your stomp boots. And that’s not all; each progressive Stomp Boot upgrade will increase the number of points awarded to you for stomping red scorpions when worn!"

Let's see, what else? Just Cause 2 clothing and furniture items have been added to the Mall, the Trigger Happy-in-the-Box game from the Midway space will be available for use in your own clubhouse and personal spaces, there are new Monkey Island 2 items in the LucasArts store, and lastly, there's the LOOT Mobile Internet Browser, which "allows you to access the Sony Pictures Emporium website from your personal space." After tooling around all day, you can take take part in the nightly Featured Game parties so you can play the latest PS3 and PSN games with your friends within Home. These parties take place between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. EDT in the Gamer's Lounge; they'll tell you what the featured game of the night is and then you just pop it in to launch your own game, or join someone else's. This Friday, they'll have ModNation Racers goin'.

'whew' Is that it? What the hell isn't in Home at this point?