Well, it isn't exactly Final Fantasy XIII , but Square-Enix has finally limped into the new generation on the PlayStation 3 with Crystal Defenders .

Okay, so it's not a full game on Blu-Ray disc and it's not currently available in any region outside Japan. But according to Siliconera, this new downloadable title just hit the XBLA and PSN in Japan, which is good news considering that some people didn't even realize it would be released on Sony's Network. Crystal Defenders , a Final Fantasy -ish tower defense game, retails on the PSN for 900 yen (about $9.15), which is slightly cheaper than the 1,100 yen ($10) it costs on the Live Marketplace. However, just remember that Microsoft Points are more expensive overseas so if the title ever breaks Japanese borders, it will almost certainly have the same price tag in both downloadable locations. Technically, this is the very first Square-Enix title to arrive on the PlayStation 3, and while it has been nearly two and a half years since the system launched, at least it's a start. It's not as if Square-Enix hasn't been busy; they have …only not where the PS3 is concerned. We can always re-relish titles like Crisis Core , though!

We'll keep our eyes peeled for confirmation of a North American and European PSN/XBLA release for Crystal Defenders . When we get one, you Square-Enix-starved gamers out there may want to check it out.