Square-Enix dropped a huge, if not unexpected, bombshell at their pre-E3 conference today: Final Fantasy XIII is headed to the Playstation 3! The theme this time around is "people who are against the world" and will run on S-E's new "White Engine." What exactly this means is not yet entirely clear, but it does claim to feature the most advanced civilization system in a Final Fantasy game. Perhaps a more persistent world where time passes and people and places change over the course of the game?

The changes don't end there, though. Final Fantasy XIII looks to be shaping up as something quite untraditional for the series – an action game featuring a female lead.

On top of all that, Square-Enix plans to spin the series into a compilation a la the recent expansion of FFVII. The main game will be joined by FFVersus XIII and two cell-phone games.

Tetsuya Nomura is once again handling the character designs while the FFX team will be developing. We will have screenshots as soon as possible, but take our word for it: they're amazing and confirmed real-time, too!

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