The epic experience that is Assassin's Creed III continues.

Ubisoft has announced that the first episode of the upcoming downloadable content, The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy will be available on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live service, and PC on February 19.

It's the first of a three-part mini-saga and to start off, the hero Connor awakens from a disconcerting dream and realizes that, despite all his efforts to bring justice to the very young USA, a new king has been crowned: George Washington. "The Infamy" basically follows the tale of a former war hero and champion of liberty who essentially becomes no better than the King of England. The three episodes can be purchased for $29.99 (or 2,400 Microsoft Points) and bear in mind that you're talking about three full expansions, so just assume they're $10 apiece. In fact, you can buy them separately for $9.99 if you so choose.

Of course, if you've picked up the Season Pass already, it's all free. 🙂