Next week is pretty big, due partly to the fact that United Front Games and Square Enix will deliver the highly anticipated Sleeping Dogs .

As is typically the case, if a game does well, there's always the chance of a sequel. And that's exactly what could happen if Wei Shen's adventure earns high marks and more importantly, registers decent sales numbers. Gotta bring in the cash.

In speaking to Dealspwn , producer Dan Sochan said that from the start, Square Enix believed in the project. They are thinking about making it a franchise if things go as planned:

"I think that they've helped establish this game's identity, and helped to differentiate between the large number of other open-world games out there, so we're not just going to be buried by the large number of sequel titles coming out later this year. So there are elements they've brought in to try and ensure a long tail, that there are reasons to come back to the game even after you've finished the main story, and maybe put us in a position where we can make a sequel if the game does well."

As for the future direction of the new series, Sochan said "there are a lot of different ways" they could approach the next installment. Of course, you first have to establish a solid fan base that expresses their desire for another entry, and the producer adds that gamer feedback is crucial.

"We want to hear what gamers think, what aspects of the game they enjoyed the most, we want them to be able to go 'If you do a sequel, you should totally do this…' and so on. So of course we've considered it, and we'll have to see how Sleeping Dogs does, but this is new ground for us and so we really want to make sure that the fans are happy."

Sleeping Dogs , the game formerly called True Crime: Hong Kong , is slated to hit on Tuesday, August 14.

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