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Vita’s “Never Stop Playing” Campaign Kicks Off…Now

The PlayStation Vita ads should be both frequent and prominent, as Sony is dropping $50 million on launch promotion.

The "Never Stop Playing" campaign is going to hit its stride for the February 22 release date, and as Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, said at the PlayStation Blog (and as cited by IndustryGamers ):

"Spanning from coast to coast, PS Vita and the official tag line 'Never Stop Playing,' will be featured on wallscapes, billboards, radio and television as well as at many of your favorite local retailers. I hope you love the 'Never Stop Playing' theme as much as we do. We think it embodies everything that PS Vita represents towards enabling gamers to have deeply immersive, console-like experiences anywhere, anytime."

This ad (among others), will appear on FOX, Comedy Central and ESPN, so don't be surprised to see a bunch of Vita commercials over the next few weeks. I mean, those are popular channels, right?