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Asphalt: Injection Fuels The Racing Fan’s Desire For A Vita

Wipeout 2048 is a very different type of racing game, and we're not hearing great things about Ridge Racer .

So racing fans might still need a more traditional, bona fide arcade adrenaline rush when the PlayStation Vita launches next month. And that's where Asphalt: Injection comes in.

As revealed at the PlayStation Blog , the new portable racer from Gameloft features no less than 10 game modes, ranging from standard Race Mode to more unique modes like Cop Chase and Beat 'Em All. The latter is apparently "focused on take-downs," which definitely reminds us of Burnout , right? Gotta love take-downs. There are also 20 different leagues in which to compete, along with local and online multiplayer action.

And here's an interesting part about how the developers have integrated the various hardware features of the Vita:

"Asphalt: Injection has six different control schemes that take advantage of the dual analog sticks, the rear touch screen, or the accelerometer. This makes it simple for anyone to pick up and race against their friends (or computer-controlled opponents). The game also harnesses PS Vita’s social features, enabling players to enter the Live Area screen where they can view what vehicles their friends have purchased, what tracks they have unlocked, their leaderboard rankings, and more."

This may be a slightly better option than Ridge Racer , which only features five cars and three tracks. But hey, the more racing games the better, right? They're good fun when you're on the go. And by the way, this is yet another Vita launch title; it'll actually be on store shelves one week before the official Vita launch on February 22. Remember, the special starter pack will be available a week early…

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12 years ago

Good old Gameloft. Asphault 6 (yes, 6, they've been busy) on iPhone and probably Androids is a pretty cool game. One of the better arcade racers for mobiles.

But are we about to let some $6 phone download IP come over to Vita and tell us how to play our games? =p

12 years ago

I am curious to know what this does with the PS3. Might be worth the pick up if it does.

12 years ago

That aspect could have potential. There have been several PSP games I have wanted to play so I have considered getting a Vita for that reason. Mainly Square's games. I think I might wait because I suspect we will see a price cut sooner than later. Weekly sales in Japan are now below 20k. Price must be a barrier.

12 years ago

The whole PSV and PS3 cross-platform play has my entire family excited.

The price really isn't the issue for us personally. It is all about what the Vita does and which games it does it with.

Nas Is Like
Nas Is Like
12 years ago

Those graphics are superb.

12 years ago

im really enjoying this.
only thing that i dont like besides the lackluster graphics is some menus are in japanese and some are in english.
WTFs the point of that!?
i bought it off the HK store, and the opening menu where games normally tell you to press a button is in japanese.
then the main menu is in japanese, then once you have selected a selection everything else is in english.
what the?
so you start the game, select career mode, then your given which areas you can race in and their all in english.
whats the point of that?
not only that either, allot of the games i downloaded are like that too.
i mean its a japanese game, so why would you have english in it?
i really wish i did not sign my vita to a HK account i only did that because uncharted was in english so i thought allot of other games would be but there not.
also jappan has THIRTY titles on the store now!
HK got the vita a week later, so why do they have 23 less titles then their japanese counterparts?
really pissed off i really wanted to get power smash 4 off the HK store but they have not put it on there!
neither is wipeout 2043 even though its on the JP store.

12 years ago

ll all it fuels is the drive to not get one…
sorry but all asphalt games are grabage just like the ridge racer games in my opinion.. there just cheeseya nd corny/quickly made lame racing games not worthy of being created for ANY system because ther so boring and stupid

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