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Don’t Freak, the 3G Vita Hasn’t Been Canceled For The US

Amazon got some people going today, didn't they?

Sales for the PlayStation Vita started strong in Japan but have since slid, and skeptics were already worried that bad things were in store for Sony's advanced new portable.

It didn't help when IGN realized that under Product Details for the Vita 3G model at Amazon, there was the startling "Discontinued by manufacturer" information. That incited a torrent of doomsday headlines, as you might expect. But it wasn't long before a Sony representative contacted IGN and said that despite what Amazon may think, the 3G version of the Vita has not been canceled in North America. Said the rep:

"It's not true. We'll look into this now and ask our team to connect with Amazon."

It's things like this that concern people. We have no reason to believe that Sony would discontinue one of the Vita models before the US launch even arrives, but who knows? Maybe Amazon thought they knew something…maybe they heard something… Well, whatever. For now, nothing has changed; the Vita release in February goes on as scheduled, for both the Wi-Fi-only and 3G models.

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12 years ago

Sony really "needs" to give a free memory card with their core Vita's to secure many more early adapters. Or at the very least, do it as a pre-order promotion, or for the first 2-3 months of it's release.

That way I think it will help to ensure getting the ball rolling towards better & bigger sales.

Also, I think if Sony doesn't do it, Amazon(or another retailer) would be wise to add a free bundled memory card on their own, even if it's only for a limited time.

Last edited by BikerSaint on 1/4/2012 9:59:32 PM

12 years ago

not just yet, it would be suicide to cut the 3G version for launch!
i wont be surprised to see it discontinued later in the year, but not before launch!
i just cant see people shelling out the extra ponies for it, 3G just really is not worth its extra cash!

12 years ago

I really don't have any use for the 3G model. I have a good data plan, and my phone can broadcast a wifi signal. This does the trick with my wife's wifi only tablet, so I'll do the same with my wifi only Vita.

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