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Vita Exclusive Severed Finally Gets New Date: April 26

It took a while but PlayStation Vita owners starved for new titles will be happy to hear that it's finally close.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , the new Vita exclusive from Guacamelee! developer Drinkbox Studios will finally land on April 26.

Severed is a first-person action/RPG of sorts that puts you in the shoes of a one-armed warrior named Sasha. The style is kinda like an open-world dungeon-crawler that involves solving puzzles and battling monsters via touchscreen combat. After taking out your foes, you can actually sever body parts and equip or consume them to receive various bonuses or upgrades. …a little sick but still a cool concept. And the art design is wicked slick, too.

The game was first revealed back in 2014 and it was supposed to release last year. But Drinkbox ran into a few issues (as they touch on in the Blog post linked above), so you'll have to forgive the long delay. At any rate, the title will retail for only $15 and PlayStation Plus owners get a 10 percent discount during launch week.

To learn more, check out the promising title's official site , and don't forget that you can also download the music album as well.