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PlayStation Now Goes Portable On Vita

As of tomorrow, PlayStation Now's 125+ games will be available for streaming fun on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , PS Now arrives on Sony's portable with five new titles for the month of August. And don't forget you can try out the rental service with a 7-day free trial .

Those five new titles are: God of War III , Dynasty Warriors 8 , MX vs. ATV Supercross , Bomberman Ultra and The Last Guy . I'd have to say Bomberman Ultra is a perfect fit for the handheld space and while God of War is certainly preferable on the big screen, I always thought the PSP installments were excellent. Therefore, the Vita version of GoWIII ought to be pretty sweet.

PlayStation Now will continue to expand to other devices as time goes on; Sony has already brought the service to the latest models of 2015 Sony TVs. If you're interested, check Now's website for the full list of currently supported devices.