Whoa…it's like "Saturday Night Fever" went all anime on us.

Atlus has revealed all sorts of new details concerning Persona 4: Dancing All Night , the new release for PlayStation Vita and PS TV.

First, we know it's coming to North America this fall and it'll be available in two packages: The standard Launch edition, priced at $50, and the $80 Disco Fever Edition. The more expensive option grants you a two-CD soundtrack, a Persona 4 -themed Vita pouch, two premium DLC costume packs, a Teddie keychain, and a collectible box complete with custom disco ball art. Not bad for only $80!

If you pre-order either edition, you'll get the Cover Band bonus, which offers an exclusive decal skin for the Vita along with 10 Vita wallpapers that match the decal. For more on the Disco Fever Edition, click the link above.

Role-playing fans might balk at this one. They want Persona to be…well, not a music game. But there's a niche audience out there for Dancing All Night , I'm sure.

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6 years ago

I'm very tempted to save up for this.

6 years ago

Hmm interesting…
Something to keep Vita stay alive…

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