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Retro City Rampage DX Physical Copies Comin’ To PlayStation Vita

Physical copies are just plain superior to digital, anyway. Additionally, physical copies of retro-style games are even better .

If you missed out on snagging Retro City Rampage DX for PlayStation 4, have no fear: As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , the retro throwback will be released in physical format for PlayStation Vita. It will only be available for a limited time, though, so move fast! You can snag it for $30 and it includes a 2GB Vita card and it's region-free. You just have to wait 3-4 weeks to get it.

For those who remember the good ol' days and haven't tried this yet, you should definitely consider it. The title alone makes it worthy of consideration.

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9 years ago

looks like a vita game to me although i don't know i'll get it idk i'll get time to get organised enough to get it

happy gaming

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