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DiscStorm Headed To Vita: “The Game We All Want To Play”

Looks like a fun and unique retro-style title, doesn't it?

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , XMPT Games and Mastertronic are prepping to bring DiscStorm to PlayStation Vita this year.

The developers have been working on the game for the past five years (because they've been holding down other full-time jobs during that span). They wanted to play "classic multiplayer matches with friends" ala Bomberman but with modern features. That's why they've created DiscStorm , "the game we all want to play." Basically, you hurl flying discs that ricochet around the game's arenas; there are various modes like classic first-to-ten brawls, tactical games of survival, and even "Death Disc" (one-hit kill).

They've also made a single-player campaign and they're using old-school difficulty. They say the bosses "require you to figure out exactly how to beat them," for example. We'll have to see some gameplay to get a better idea of what to expect but for the time being, DiscStorm sounds promising.

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9 years ago

sounds interesting keep us updated on this game it sounds like an interesting concept

happy gamng

9 years ago

There's plenty of gameplay videos on Youtube Ben?
Here's two,

And they all look horrible. 🙂

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