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Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle Temporarily Drops To $169.99

You've been holding off on getting a PlayStation Vita for a while now. You've always wanted one but you've been waiting for a good deal.

Well, here's a possibility: Both Amazon and GameStop are currently selling the Limited Edition Borderlands 2 Vita bundle for only $170.

That's a decent discount when compared to the standard $200 price, and there's no knowing how long the sale will last. Chances are, it'll keep going until Christmas but you might not want to take that risk…just get it now! And don't forget that this attractive package includes all six DLC packs for the game in question. It also supports Cross Save, which is a great feature for all you Borderlands fanatics.

The Vita isn't dead yet and it has a decent library of games. It's just too bad that most of them can be played on other platforms.

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Solid Fantasy
Solid Fantasy
9 years ago

This is a very good deal. There is so much to do on BL2 and you can do it all while on the can!

The Vita version can't hold a candle to the console or PC version. So there is that to take into consideration. But games like BL2 are timeless. Not only is this a lot of hours for not too much, unlike the Nvidia Shield you don't need a $1000 plus PC and a blazing fast Wifi connection to play it anywhere.

9 years ago

Imagine if the PS4 was this price right now. That would cause riots.

9 years ago

well i guess i just wander if this will do anything i guess we'll wait and see won't we

happy gaming

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