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Innuendo-Laden Vita Ad Ruffles Plenty Of Virtual Feathers

Sex sells…but sometimes it just doesn't work.

Sony published a new commercial for the PlayStation Vita on its Euro PlayStation YouTube channel last week but not long after, the video was set to private due to viewer backlash.

As you can see, the entire ad is one giant sexual innuendo and it's not exactly sexy; it's more uncomfortable than anything else. Here's a snippet of the dialogue:

"I bet you've already done it today. Or are you afraid you're doing it too often? In your bedroom under the blankets? Or perhaps you prefer the kitchen or the toilet?"

Yeah, not exactly subtle and the obvious reference to masturbation isn't getting past anyone. She was talking about the Remote Play feature that links the PlayStation 4 and Vita but let's face it, that's not what the ad is really about. The question is, does it really qualify as offensive or is it just in poor taste? I think I'm going to opt for the latter. And Sony only did it because the Vita doesn't have any games .

Yeah, I said it.