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Frozen Synapse Prime: Turn-Based Fun Comes To Vita

Never liked RTS, but turn-based strategy is definitely up my alley.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , the turn-based strategy title from developer Double Eleven, Frozen Synapse Prime , will hit the PlayStation Vita on September 23.

It's based on the PC and mobile game originally produced by Mode 7, and you'll be planning out tactics and issuing orders to an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers. You can choose from a variety of routes and actions, and you'll enjoy a procedurally-generated environment with destructible battlefields. The Prime version of the game for Vita will boast a fresh coat of paint, a campaign that's over 40 missions strong, and several modes for the game's asynchronous online multiplayer.

Check out the launch trailer; this one looks like great fun for on-the-go gamers!

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