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Chaos Rings 3 Scheduled To Arrive For Japanese Vitas

It's another little bonus for JRPG aficionados.

Media Vision's mobile JRPG franchise Chaos Rings is onto its third installment, and the latest is coming to smartphones and the PlayStation Vita (as reported by Gematsu ).

Unfortunately, publisher Square Enix would only confirm a Japanese launch date: October 16. Still, there's a chance Chaos Rings 3 will eventually find its way to North American and European territories, provided there's enough demand for it. The series debuted on iOS devices back in 2010, and that was followed by a prequel, Chaos Rings Omega , and a sequel arrived shortly thereafter.

For the truly hardcore, there will be a Limited Edition Prequel Trilogy for the Vita. But again, if you're not in Japan – and you're not planning to import – you're probably out of luck.

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