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Table Top Racing Headed To Vita

It's an award-winning mobile game and now it's coming to the PlayStation Vita.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Table Top Racing is headed to Sony's portable on August 5.

This charming little racer boasts a bunch of crazy tracks, complete with shortcuts, over-sized obstacles, jumps, and a number of other hazards. The game was created by developer Playrise Digital, and the CEO (Nick Burcombe, who published the post at the blog) was part of the original team that created the first WipeOut back in the mid-90s. As for the game in question, we'll get nifty power-ups like missile launch and EMP strike, which does indeed remind us of PlayStation's esteemed WipeOut series.

Bringing Table Top Racing to Vita has resulted in a few big improvements, such as the addition of a "controllable accelerator and brake." Burcombe also claims that the Vita iteration is the "most pure and fun version of the game we've ever made." Sounds like a worthy addition to the Vita's library.

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9 years ago

this was one game i was think about getting on the vita lately.

happy gaming

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