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Action Mega Pack Vita Bundle Coming To European Territory

If you're in the European region and you haven't yet picked up a PlayStation Vita, here's the best deal yet.

Sony has announced a very attractive Vita bundle for Europe: The Action Mega Pack, which includes the slick portable unit and download codes for five games. The package will be available at the end of June for €199.99 ($272). For now, there's no confirmation for North America.

The games you'll receive are: Injustice: Gods Among Us , Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate , and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , along with PSP titles God of War: Chains of Olympus and Killzone: Liberation . There will actually be two bundles released in the European territory; one that includes the system and one that doesn't:

One bundle will have an 8GB memory card, the games, and the Vita for €199.99, and the other will offer just the games and the memory card, obviously for those who already own the Vita. Sony's handheld hasn't done too well over the past year or so; here's hoping more games show up at E3 to help boost sales.

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9 years ago

Great news for those that don't already own the games. I hope this helps because the Vita is amazing. They should have released something like this a year ago. Better late than never.

Troy Powers
Troy Powers
9 years ago

I just bought one of the older bundles for my daughter. Vita and 10 games for 160 euro. Some of the games are admittedly shovelware, but all she really wanted was Little BigPlanet anyway. Along with that, she got a Ratchet and Clank game and Wipeout. Can't really remember the others off the top of my head.

I just find it frustrating that the Vita can only be tied to one PSN account at a time. My playstation plus account is American, and I can get lots of free Vita games through that service, but the 10 free games had to be downloaded from a European account. So, she can either play her 10 free games, or play games I download from playstation plus. Not both.

9 years ago

always nice to have bundle options of course, but $ony your seriously wasting your time till you bring out some worthwhile games for the vita!
as much as borderlands and injustice and co are awesome games, there not going to be enough to entice people to buy the system.
we need more games that the vita can call its own, and that does not mean exclusive sequels to home franchises like ACL and such.
games it can call its own, ie games only available on that system, and something that truly compliments it very well.

9 years ago

Love my Vita. 8gb cards aren't big enough unfortunately. I've got a 16gb card and I'm forever swapping things in and out. Admit there hasn't been too much out for it recently but some of the PSN PS4/PS3/Vita downloadable games have been good.

If you haven't bought one by now then I think nothin will entice you. Killzone Merc is fantastic as are a multitude of other games.

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