Not among our readership, at least.

In our most recent poll, we asked our readers the following question: If you don't own the PlayStation Vita yet, why?

For many, it may be a combination of reasons, but we tasked you with narrowing it down to one. As it turns out, the majority of participants simply said that portable gaming isn't their bag. The second-most number of votes went to "Too expensive," with "Not enough games" coming in a close third. The Vita has struggled since its launch, but maybe the emergence of that new model will entice consumers. We've often said that without the AAA exclusive software, the admittedly slick handheld is in trouble.

This week, there are several high-profile games on tap for February. The first is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII , so are you up for it? Getting it day one? Waiting for reviews? Avoiding it like the plague? Let us know.