Every time I see something like this, I'm reminded of California Games on the NES. …yeah, I'm old, what of it?

If you like the idea of blending Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Canabalt , you should be psyched for the freshly dated PlayStation Vita exclusive, OlliOlli . It will be coming to North America on January 22, and European, Asian and South American regions will get it a day later.

It's a 2D skateboarding game from British developer Roll7, and it features some brutally difficult – yet potentially addictive – gameplay. You only get one life and you'll have to survive long enough to pull off as many of the 120+ tricks as you can. There will be four modes; first, Career Mode will include 50 handcrafted levels separated into Amateur and Pro difficulties. Here, you'll have to impress the crowd, so make sure you fly high and defy gravity at all costs!

Then there's Spot Mode, which requires that you reach the end of a particular level with one giant combo trick. The Daily Grind Mode lets you practice as much as you want, with only one opportunity to submit a score, and RAD Mode is just plain insane- it will only count perfect landings and grinds. This is so not my thing (never got into the THPS games) but for the right person, it could be handheld gold.