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Terraria Launches On Vita Next Week

It's almost time for another quality title to land on Sony's advanced portable.

505 Games has announced the best-selling, critically acclaimed indie sandbox adventure Terraria will release for the PlayStation Vita in North America on December 17.

The well-received title puts an emphasis on crafting and exploration and thus far, over 3 million individuals have set off on one their own Terraria quest. The game will be available to download from the PSN and will include a host of attractive features. For instance, the Vita version will support cross-platform play so Vita owners can interact with the full Terraria community. There are also new controls specific to Sony's handheld, such as touch functionality, and online multiplayer supports up to 8 players. And of course, there are Trophies and online leaderboards.

Plus, you get all the original content from the game- 200 crafting recipes, over 25 block types to build anything you desire, more than 100 monsters (zombies, wyverns, unicorns and evil clowns), more than 30 inhabitants to meet and recruit to your home, and over a dozen environments to explore and appreciate. Terraria will retail for $14.99.

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10 years ago

Sounds awesome, especially the cross-platform play! Does anybody know if there's cross buy if you've previously purchased the game on a PS3?

10 years ago

i'l tell you this is gud news my littlest brother and his friends have played this alot it's a pritty decent game.might even consider getting a psn card to buy it this year or next.

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

When will these games be true cross-platform, ie PS + XBone + PC in one happy pool?
What are they so afraid of? Open up, Sony and Microsoft! Open up! It will only gain you!

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